Postgraduate Courses for Practice Nurses

Advanced qualifications can lead to promotions, having more responsibilities in specialist areas and an increase in salary. So furthering your understanding in key areas such as Diabetes, Endocrinology, Sports and Exercise Medicine, Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine and Obesity and Weight Management will empower you to advance your career. With the right level of experience and the appropriate qualifications you can increase your likelihood of becoming a Nurse Consultant or Specialist Nurse.

Diploma MSc is a leading provider of 1 year online postgraduate courses for healthcare professionals. Each of our flexible part time courses for practice nurses are delivered by an expert board who have an international reputation in education in their field.

If you are a qualified practice nurse with a busy working life, our courses are the perfect solution to furthering your knowledge and qualifications. Find out more about our specialist Diploma and MSc courses in the following areas:

Cosmetic Medicine

Our Cosmetic Medicine courses have been developed with the express purpose of promoting and enhancing the professional knowledge underpinning practice in cosmetic medicine. View courses


Our Diabetes Diploma and Diabetes MSc is an IDF recognised education program. This course is designed for individuals who wish to have a greater understanding of the care of people with Diabetes. View courses


Our Endocrinology Diploma and Endocrinology MSc courses are delivered by experts through our online education portal. View courses


Our online Gastroenterology courses are offered in conjunction with our partner, the University of South Wales, who have developed a strong reputation for delivering innovative learning. View courses

Obesity and Weight Management

The obesity epidemic is an increasing concern for the NHS. Our Obesity and Weight Management Diploma and MSc Courses have been developed in conjunction with The Faculty of Life Sciences and Education at the University of South Wales. View courses


All physicians need to be familiar with rheumatologically related conditions. Having a specialist knowledge in Rheumatology is an increasingly important role and extra responsibility of medical personnel. Our team of course authors and tutors are recognised experts and opinion leaders in Rheumatology.View courses

Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory disease has a significant impact on the health of the population, and the use of health care resources both in the United Kingdom and in the world. Our respiratory medicine courses will enable more health care professionals to have the required knowledge to treat patients. View courses

Genomic Medicine and Healthcare

Our new Genomic Medicine and Healthcare course is well timed given increasing public and professional interests in genetic and genome-level diagnostic and predictive testing for clinical management, disease risk evaluation, prevention of major complications and offering the prospect of improved prognosis. View courses

Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine

Our Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine Diploma and MSc Courses are perfect for busy healthcare professionals who want to advance their education in an emerging field. Our courses are flexible, part time and delivered entirely online. View courses

If you would like to advance your education and career by taking one of our Postgraduate Diploma or MSc courses you can view our full catalogue here.

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