Postgraduate Courses for Pharmacists

With a steady increase of care for patients happening in the community rather than secondary care, it is now more important than ever for pharmacists to further their knowledge in specialist areas to be able to provide a higher level of care to their patients. Pharmacists who obtain qualifications in specialist areas often reap the rewards of professional satisfaction and an increase in salary to reflect their experience and understanding.

Diploma MSc provides postgraduate Diploma and MSc courses for pharmacists who are looking to further their understanding in specialist fields and advance their career. Our one year part time courses are delivered through our online e-learning portal, empowering you to study flexibly around your busy schedule. We operate in conjunction with The University of South Wales, which is one of the UK's largest universities boasting roughly 33,000 students and an expert faculty.

The combination of having courses delivered by an expert faculty and utilising online e-learning technology has enabled us to deliver education to the highest standards whilst delivering the lowest cost courses of their kind covering a range of specialist areas:

Cosmetic Medicine

Our Cosmetic Medicine courses have been developed with the express purpose of promoting and enhancing the professional knowledge underpinning practice in cosmetic medicine. View courses


Our Diabetes Diploma and Diabetes MSc is an IDF recognised education program. This course is designed for individuals who wish to have a greater understanding of the care of people with Diabetes. View courses

Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory disease has a significant impact on the health of the population, and the use of health care resources both in the United Kingdom and in the world. Our respiratory medicine courses will enable more health care professionals to have the required knowledge to treat patients. View courses


Our online Gastroenterology courses are offered in conjunction with our partner, the University of South Wales, who have developed a strong reputation for delivering innovative learning. View courses

Obesity and Weight Management

The obesity epidemic is an increasing concern for the NHS. Our Obesity and Weight Management Diploma and MSc Courses have been developed in conjunction with The Faculty of Life Sciences and Education at the University of South Wales. View courses

Leadership in Healthcare

Our online Leadership in Healthcare courses are offered in conjunction with our partner, the University of South Wales, who have developed a strong reputation for delivering innovative learning. View courses


Our courses in Dermatology enable you to upskill in the diagnostic and management of dermatological disorders. View courses

Health Economics

Our courses in Health Economics enable health care professionals to be well equipped to elicit the maximum value from finite budgets.View courses

Pain Management

These courses cover the wide range of conditions pertinent to pain management and meet the educational needs of both primary and secondary healthcare professionals. View courses

Medical Education

Our courses in Medical Education satisfy the increasing demand for healthcare professionals to have formally recognised teaching qualifications.View courses

If you would like to advance your education and career by taking one of our Postgraduate Diploma or MSc courses you can view our full catalogue here.

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