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Diploma MSc is an award-winning provider of online medical education for Postgraduate Diploma and Masters courses. We are delighted to announce the addition of a Postgraduate Diploma in Genomic Medicine and Healthcare to our growing range of courses. As with our other programmes, we are delivering this course in partnership with the University of South Wales, who have built a strong reputation for delivering innovative learning.

The Genomic Medicine and Healthcare course has been developed for healthcare professionals including Specialist Medical Practitioners, General Medical Practitioners, Allied Health Professionals, Nurses and Midwives, Genetic Counsellors and those with related undergraduate degrees or equivalent professional qualifications and background experience. It will be of interest to health professionals in the UK and internationally and will provide a solid foundation in the core concepts of genetics and genomics applied to modern medicine and healthcare. Although there are other courses covering the subject area, none are completely online so they are difficult and costly for global healthcare professionals to get involved. This course will reach an international audience in a cost effective, flexible and inclusive way, helping to develop a worldwide network of genomic medical and healthcare leaders.

Our course is well timed given increasing public and professional interests in genetic and genome-level diagnostic and predictive testing for clinical management, disease risk evaluation, prevention of major complications and offering the prospect of improved prognosis. Personalised benefits include the option for reproductive choices and reducing lifetime medical or health risks by judicious use of new emerging preventive medicines and devices combined with lifestyle/behaviour modifications.

Subject Courses

Diploma In Genomic Medicine and Healthcare

Delivered over 1 year the online part time distance learning Postgraduate Diploma course is specially developed for busy health professionals. Formatted in 6 modules, each of 6 weeks duration; the course is designed to be practical and clinically focused.

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Certificate In Genomic Medicine and Healthcare

The Postgraduate Certificate in Genomic Medicine and Healthcare focuses on the practical application of genomics in clinical practice and aims to upskill medical practitioners and allied healthcare professionals.

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Application Deadline | 5th February 2021 |